Meeting Room Policies

The meeting room in the basement level of the Spalding Memorial Library is available to the community for public use. This room is accessible by elevator.



The meeting room in the basement level of the Spalding Memorial Library is available to the  community for public use. This room is accessible by elevator.

The meeting room is available on an equitable basis without regard to a potential user’s race, religion, national origin, gender or views. Request for use of the meeting room shall be made to  the Library Director on an appropriate signed application form. (see previous page for link to  print).

Use of the room may be scheduled up to three months in advance

Use of the meeting room is available during the regular hours when the library is open to the  public. On special occasions, arrangements may be made at the discretion of the Library Director to plan meetings at times when the library would otherwise be closed to the public. A library  employee must be present at such times. The meeting room will not be available when the library  building is closed due to emergency conditions or inclement weather. Notification of such closure is usually made on WATS and WAVR radio.

Use of the meeting room will be in accordance with the American Library Association’s Library  Bill of Rights. Priority for scheduling shall be in the following order:

  • library usage ·
  • local government usage
  • non­profit organizations
  • for­profit organizations


There will be no charge for use of the meeting room by local government or non­profit  organization. For­profit organizations will be charged $25 per meeting.

Usage Regulations

Smoking is not permitted, nor are the use of alcohol or drugs of any type. In keeping with public policy and the law, the meeting room may not be used for religious services or political activities  such as rallies, fund­raisers, and publicity events which are intended to further the political  agenda or interests of a particular party or candidate. Use will be scheduled at the discretion of the Library Director. The Library Board of Trustees shall be the final arbiter in cases of disagreements concerning scheduling.

Kitchen facilities are not available, however, users may provide light refreshments that are brought in and carried out by user. Clean­up is the responsibility of the user. If the library is  required to do clean­up following usage, the user will be billed for the costs to the library of such  clean­up.

Capacity of the room shall not exceed 25 people. Use of chairs and/or tables should be arranged  with the Library Director in advance.


The sponsoring group or individual making application for use of the meeting room assumes all  responsibility for damage to library property and for leaving the premises in the same condition in  which they were found. Costs of damage to the facility will be billed to the group or individual  responsible for the meeting.

Groups using the meeting room will assume full responsibility for injuries sustained while on  library premises and for any harm or injury by its members to others on the premises.

Groups using the meeting room shall agree to hold Spalding Memorial Library harmless for any  injury caused by its members to others on the premises. Circumstances may require the library to  request proof of insurance.

Any advertisement for the meeting or program must include the disclaimer: “The Spalding  Memorial Library is not sponsoring or endorsing this meeting/program or any goods or services  offered.”

Organizations not fulfilling their obligations as enumerated in these policies and procedures may  be denied use of the library’s meeting room until such time as these obligations have been met to  the library’s satisfaction.